Marta Satterthwaite

Senior Art Director, illustrator & animator.

I grew up in a small town in Southern Poland. It’s all surrounded by mountains and it’s pretty idyllic. Which is probably why I love sea, big cities and everything hectic. When I was 12 my mom told me that I can’t go to art school and become an illustrator (apparently it’s not a real job). So I became an illustrator.

Well, firstly I graduated from several Universities to feed my mad ambitions. Firstly, American BA in Political Science from National Louis University, followed by MA in International Relations with specialisation in Project Management. After unsuccessful attempt to make my living as a stand-up-comedian I decided to self-teach myself graphic design

My first job was in Krakow (Poland), where I was working for eCard web giant. It was a funny place to work, if you can call it a job. Then in 2010 I moved to Birmingham, UK. I was working there in a few creative studios, including McCann Birmingham, to finally settle in TeamITG, where I currently work as a Senior Art Director.

I love painting, even though I am an absolutely awful painter. I have pretty impressive short attention span. I can design pretty well, I am a really good illustrator and can direct and produce banging animated films and TV ads. I have strong leadership skills, and I am a stress addict. A glass-celling-breaker.

I am direct, sociable, and madly ambitious. I love a good laugh, dog cuddles, dancing and loud music.